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 AADR Club of Florida

Lone Star State APBT Club

AADR Tarheel APBT Club

A.A.D.R. Midwest American Pit Bull Terrier Show and Pull Club Massachusetts APBT

Beaver State APBT Club

Mexican Federation of the APBT

Brew City APBT Club

Oaxaca Mexico APBT Club

Endangered Breed Association

Palmetto State APBT Club

Evergreen State APBT Club

Romanian Pit Bull Club
Game Bred APBT's Sathy.ORG

 Gamedogs of the Tri-State

Georgia American Pit Bull Terrier Association South Alabama Dixie Club
Golden Horseshoe APBT Club Southeastern APBT Club
Great Plains Bulldog Assoc. Steel Valley APBT Club
Green Country APBT Club Texas Black Gold APBT Club
International APBT Federation Tri-County Club
International Dog Breeders Association

** American Dog Breeders Association (A.D.B.A)

**Rapid Reply Registry


 Old Family Red Nose Registry

***American Pit Registry

*****Sporting Dog Registry

***Bona Fide Kennel Club, Inc.


Dec 3,2007

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